Listen music wirelessly in BOSE quality via Apple tv from any apple device


as I am searching for a good audio solution to watch movies via my apple tv and listen to music wirelessly for quite a long time now, I guess I finally stumbled over a product which could work for me! The quite new Solo TV Sound system from BOSE. It can be placed directly under your TV and offers three different input channels (optical input, coaxial input, analog R-L audio input). With this solution I can stream my music from my iMac/iPhone/iPad via apple tv to the BOSE box and also have the possibility to enhance the flat sound of my TV speakers while watching movies. Furthermore it has very good customer reviews on Amazon. The only down-side of the product is the price (399 $).





How to protect the new iPhone 5?

As many of you might already have their new iPhone 5 (or are still waiting that it will be shipped), the obvious question arises: how can I protect this gorgeous new gadget?
On my last iPhone 4 I had the original black bumper from Apple and a protective film on the front, which worked quite fine for me. On my iPhone 4s I have a cover from xqisit and a protective film as well.
But as the new iPhone 5 has this new beautiful back with the aluminium, I want to see and feel it. That is why I decided, that for the new phone I will only use a protective film (of course the best: spigen glas.tR) and a nice pouch case from Freitag instead (hope their cases will come out soon…). It is very stylish and unique itself, protects the iPhone while I carry it around and lets the perfect design of the new iPhone 5 untouched!

For those of you who have decided to still protect this beautiful product with bumpers or hard covers, I might have some interesting products for you:

I hope I could inspire/help you with the iPhone protection problematic 😉

All the Best,