Freitag sleeves for iPhone 5 out now!

I just received the brand new iphone sleeve from Freitag for my iPhone 5. In my humble opinion they are one of the best sleeves out in the market. The sleeve is very durable, stylish and unique and does not add too much additional height to the iPhone. For sure, you do not get it for free (60 CHF, approx. 50 EUR), but its worth every cent.

So if you are still looking for a cool christmas present for a new iPhone owner, this could be a valid option! 🙂




cool & stylish sleeves for your new iPhone 5

Ciao iPhone aficionados,

as the very cool iPhone 5 sleeves from Freitag are still not out yet (worst case scenario: shortly before Christmas :-(), I was intensely searching for proper alternatives which are already available and can be used in the meantime. Below you can find a kind of “my personally best of” iPhone 5 sleeves currently on the market. Hopefully there are some products of interest for you!

Best regards,